Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Women in Politics

The Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Women in Politics is intended for citizens wishing to gain the skills needed to develop campaigns, assist women running for office, and advocate for issues. The certificate offers a theoretical understanding of the issues faced by women running for and serving in office, as well as providing skills necessary for designing a successful campaign strategy.

Marketable Skills

Defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's 60x30 Strategic Plan as, "Those skills valued by employers that can be applied in a variety of work settings, including interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skills areas. These skills can be either primary or complementary to a major and are acquired by students through education, including curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities."

  1. Design campaign and media strategies for women candidates by drawing on scientific research, interviews with candidates, and presentations by political consultants.
  2. Create a campaign plan or advocacy plan that includes precinct analysis and voter targeting. Students will have experience using the Texas voter file to analyze counties, districts, and precincts.
  3. Design traditional and non-traditional marketing materials that convey consistent campaign messages to targeted voters.
  4. Outline and deliver a one-minute pitch that is adaptable to reach multiple audiences, including potential donors and voters.


All students must meet the University requirements as outlined in the Admission to the TWU Graduate School section of the catalog.

The academic program may have additional admission criteria that must also be completed as outlined on the program's website.

Degree Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

12 semester credit hours (SCH).

The certificate program is designed to be completed over a year with two classes per semester. This will allow the student time to learn the theoretical material before beginning the practical class and internship.

Choose two of the following6
Law, Gender, and Sexuality
Leadership and Women
Women in Politics
Women of Color in Politics
Independent Study
POLS 5263Women, Elections, and Strategy3
POLS 5933Internship3
Total SCHs12