Master of Arts in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies


The M.A. degree in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies focuses on issues related to understanding difference, identity, and power across a variety of contexts. Through a theoretically rigorous transdisciplinary curriculum, we offer students a unique opportunity to combine social-justice issues with transformational, multicultural scholarship. In addition to coursework and a culminating project (either a thesis or a comprehensive exam), students may work with community organizations and participate in professional development and mentoring programs. Graduates of our program work in a range of careers and social justice groups, such as organizations that serve minoritized communities, creative and arts-based projects, as well as businesses and corporations. Some have also pursued Ph.D. programs in fields such as women's and gender studies, traditional academic disciplines, law, and public policy. Students may apply to begin the program in the fall or spring semester. The program reviews applications throughout the year.

Marketable Skills

Defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's 60x30 Strategic Plan as, "Those skills valued by employers that can be applied in a variety of work settings, including interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skills areas. These skills can be either primary or complementary to a major and are acquired by students through education, including curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities."

  1. Organize and communicate ideas effectively.
  2. Engage in critical, analytical reasoning about social/political problems or theoretical issues.
  3. Systematically research, review, and evaluate research and scholarship in a range of areas of inquiry.
  4. Construct theories and methods for engagement in social, cultural, political, and intellectual areas on behalf of social justice.


All students must meet the University requirements as outlined in the Admission to the TWU Graduate School section of the catalog.

This academic program may have additional admission criteria that must also be completed as outlined on the program's website.

Degree Requirements

See the M.A. program on the Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies website for further information about guidelines and contact information.

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

30 semester credit hours (SCH) minimum beyond the baccalaureate with at least 18 SCH in the field of Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies.

Requirements for all Master's Degrees

Students are required to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in all courses applied to the degree. A grade of C or lower in any course will not count toward the Master of Arts degree.

Thesis Option

Minimum of 30 SCH, including 24 SCH of coursework, and 6 SCH for the thesis and oral defense. 

Required Courses
WS 5023Foundations for Scholarly Inquiry in Women's and Gender Studies3
WS 5463U.S. Women of Colors3
WS 5773Qualitative Research Methods (or an equivalent course approved by advisor)3
WS 5843Feminist/Womanist Theories3
WS 5983Thesis3
WS 5993Thesis3
Electives (approved in consultation with advisor)12
Total SCHs30

Coursework Option

Minimum of 30 SCH of coursework and a comprehensive examination.

Required Courses
WS 5023Foundations for Scholarly Inquiry in Women's and Gender Studies3
WS 5463U.S. Women of Colors3
WS 5843Feminist/Womanist Theories3
Electives (approved in consultation with advisor)21
Total SCHs30

Final Examination

An oral examination for the thesis option and a comprehensive examination for the coursework option.