Thesis or Professional Paper Committee

In consultation with a faculty advisor, it is the graduate student’s responsibility to recommend the membership of the Research Committee. The Research Committee consists of not fewer than two voting members of the graduate faculty from the student's degree program. If the student has a minor, an additional member of the committee should be a faculty member from the minor area. This committee shall have authority with respect to the student’s thesis or professional paper, and the committee chair administers this authority. This committee also serves as the candidate’s committee to examine the student's thesis or professional paper. The committee is responsible for assisting the student through the approval of the Graduate School. The chair and committee members of a thesis committee must possess Full Graduate Faculty Status.  Exceptions to committee membership may be made at the discretion of the Dean of the Graduate School.

External Committee Members: A committee chair may request that someone from outside of the university serve on a student's research committee when her/his expertise and/or experience will enhance the quality of the student's research and study experience. The external committee member participates in research meetings but is not a voting member of the committee.