Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

By Texas law, all undergraduate students enrolling at Texas Woman’s University who are not otherwise exempt must attempt the TSI Assessment 2.0 prior to enrolling for classes. The TSI Assessment 2.0 is offered regularly at TWU; please visit Academic Testing Services to register and pay for testing.

Transfer students from out-of-state or Texas private institutions may be eligible to use transferred courses to satisfy TSI requirements. A student must have earned a satisfactory course grade in each of the skill areas: math, reading/writing (ELAR). If not, the student must be tested for the remaining skill area(s) and must comply with all other TSI requirements.

Students who have not met one or more standards of readiness for freshman work will meet individually with an academic advisor to determine an appropriate developmental education plan. Once a student has successfully completed the recommended developmental plan successfully or repeated assessment, the student proceeds to freshman coursework. Students who have not met freshman readiness standards will experience a registration restriction until they meet those standards.