Field of Study Curriculum

Applies to all Bachelor or Arts programs in the following CIP Codes: 50.0501 Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts; 50.0506 Acting; 50.0509 Musical Theater; and 50.0901 Music.

Music Field of Study Curriculum

First Year
Semester 1TCCNSCHs
*Ensembles (MUEN)4
*Applied Study (MUAP) 8
MU 1523Music Theory I MUSI 13113
MU 1533Music Theory II MUSI 13123
MU 2523Music Theory III MUSI 23113
MU 2533Music Theory IV MUSI 23123
MU 1521Aural Skills I MUSI 11161
MU 1531Aural Skills II MUSI 11171
MU 2521Aural Skills III MUSI 21161
MU 2531Aural Skills IV MUSI 21171
*Music Literature (MUSI 1307)3
 SCHs 31
 Total SCHs:  31

Drama Field of Study Curriculum

First Year
Semester 1TCCNSCHs
THEA 2213Performance I DRAM 13513
THEA 2113Stagecraft I DRAM 13303
THEA 1321Script Reading (DRAM 2XXX) 3
Three theatre (DRAM) required major courses9
*Introduction to Theatre (DRAM 1310)
Movement for the Performer I DRAM 1322 
Theatrical Makeup DRAM 1341 
*Introduction to Costume (DRAM 1342)
Performance II DRAM 1352 
*Stagecraft II (DRAM 2331)
*Voice for the Theater (DRAM 2336)
Rehearsal and Performance II ( DRAM 2xxx) DRAM 2121 
Choose 4 SCH from the courses below4
*Theater Practicum I (DRAM 1120)
*Theater Practicum II (DRAM 1121)
*Theater Practicum III (DRAM 2120)
*Theater Practicum IV (DRAM 2121)
*Academic Cooperative (DRAM 1XXX)
*Academic Cooperative (DRAM 2289)
*Academic Cooperative (DRAM 2389)
 SCHs 22
 Total SCHs:  22

*Indirect equivalencies will satisfy Music & Theatre departmental requirement(s).