College of Arts and Sciences


Dean: Abigail C. Tilton, Professor
Location: CFO 1210

Associate Dean: Claire Sahlin, Professor
Location: CFO 1202

Associate Dean: Shannon Scott, Professor
Location: CFO 1206

Associate Dean of Research: Jessica Gullion, Associate Professor
Location: CFO 1211

Phone: 940-898-3326
Fax: 940-898-3366

The College of Arts and Sciences is comprised of the School of the Arts and Design, the School of Social Work, Psychology, and Philosophy, the School of the Sciences, the Department of Social Sciences and Historical Studies, and the Department of Language, Culture, and Gender Studies.  

Graduate programs offered by these college components lead to the following master’s degrees: Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Science, Master of Music Therapy, and Master of Social Work. In addition, the Specialist in School Psychology degree and the Professional Science Master in Biotechnology are offered.

Several post-baccalaureate certificates are offered including:

Doctor of Philosophy programs are offered in the fields of Counseling Psychology, Dance, Molecular Biology, Rhetoric, School Psychology, Sociology, and Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies.

Numerous research opportunities exist in these programs, and special facilities for graduate instruction and research are available.

General degree requirements of the University may be found in this catalog. Additional information about the College’s departments and programs can be found on the College of Arts and Sciences website.

Areas of Study*