Department of Language, Culture, and Gender Studies


The Department of Language, Culture and Gender Studies (LCGS) department is home to two programmatic units: English, Rhetoric, and Spanish and Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies. Departmental faculty develop and advance original, transdisciplinary knowledge in fields of study such as British, American, and world literatures; gender studies; equity and inclusion; higher education practices; multimodality; rhetoric and writing; social movements; and women writers. As a vibrant and collaborative intellectual community, faculty members pursue inclusive and innovative pedagogies to promote critical engagement with and production of multimodal texts. LCGS is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We emphasize students’ literacy across academic, professional, and civic life to advance perspectives on language, history, and cultural productions.    

LCGS offers master’s degrees in English and Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies; a graduate certificate in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies; and doctoral degrees in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies and Rhetoric. Students completing a graduate degree in one program often complete a minor or certificate in another program in the department.  While some graduate programs in LCGS are available in hybrid or online formats, not all are. Additional details about the strengths and requirements of each program are available on the respective pages for each degree program. Please contact the program coordinator listed on the TWU website for the most current information about which programs are available in hybrid or fully online formats.