Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

49 semester credit hours.

Required Courses
NURS 6023Philosophy of Nursing Science3
NURS 6033Ethical Dimensions of Nursing3
NURS 6043Policy, Power, and Politics3
NURS 6163Health Outcomes: Measurement, Management, and Analysis3
NURS 6313Epidemiology, Health Promotion, Population Health, and Research in Advanced Nursing Practice3
NURS 6323Informatics and Research in Nursing3
NURS 6613Introduction to Clinical Investigation in Nursing3
BIOL 6843Health Care Genetics3
NURS 6035DNP Practicum I5
NURS 6063Financial Management for Advanced Practice Nurses3
NURS 6045DNP Practicum II5
NURS 6303Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Project3
LS 5533Internet Research for Non-Library Science Majors3
or LS 5553 or LS 5363
Nursing Elective3
NURS 5553Fiscal Assessment Practicum3
Total SCHs49

Clinical Course Requirements

Prior to enrollment in any clinical nursing course each D.N.P. student must show proof of:

  • Professional liability insurance provided through a TWU student liability group policy.
  • Current professional licensure to practice as a Registered Nurse in Texas, unencumbered.
  • Recognition as an APRN in Texas.
  • Current immunizations as required by Texas Law.
  • Prior to enrollment in the clinical residency courses, the D.N.P. student must have completed at least 1 year of full-time experience as an APRN.

Students will be required to meet clinical agency requirements such as drug testing, criminal background screening, and personal health insurance.

Special Requirements

  1. Grade of B or better is required in all courses. A student who has earned a grade of less than B (C, D, F, or WF) in two nursing courses at the graduate level or who has earned a grade of less than B (C, D, F, or WF) in the same graduate level course will be removed from the nursing program. For the purpose of removal from the nursing program, a grade of less than B is counted as a grade of less than B even if the course has been successfully repeated.
  2. Students admitted to the doctoral program provisionally, based on low GPA, must complete the first 12 semester credit hours of coursework with a grade of B or better in each course; at least 6 semester credit hours must be in nursing courses. A provisionally admitted student will be dismissed from the program if a grade of C or lower is made in any course during the provisional period.

Clinical Residency

500 contact hours in the selected area(s) of clinical expertise.

Capstone Project

Written analysis of a clinical problem or issue based on current scientific evidence, informatics, and technological advances. The project is not a research project; the project is an evidence-based solution to a clinical problem or quality improvement of a current clinical problem.