Center for Student Development

The Center for Student Development (CSD) provides leadership development and co-curricular engagement opportunities for all students in the following programmatic areas:

  • Clubs and Organizations

  • Greek Life

  • Orientation

  • Student Regent Application Process

  • Civic Engagement

  • Volunteer Service Days

  • Student Government Association & Graduate Student Council

Students who are interested in information should contact the Center for Student Development at 940-898-3626, or come by the office located on the first floor of the Student Union.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) has a long history of student participation and service to the university. SGA meetings are held on each campus (Denton, Dallas, and Houston) on a regular basis, and all students are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings. Active participation in SGA committees provides students with an opportunity to play a major role in the decision-making on their respective campus. Students interested in holding a leadership position in SGA must qualify for office according to the standards stated in the Constitution and Bylaws. Elections are held in the spring semester on all campuses. Elections for first-year students occur on the Denton campus each September. Students should contact the Center for Student Development for specific dates regarding the Denton campus elections. For Dallas and Houston dates, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Life on the appropriate campus.

Student Organizations

Involvement in student organizations enables students to have purposeful interactions on campus as well as find additional connections to their in-class experiences. Participation in student organizations allows students to acquire leadership, communication, and team-building skills. Organizations such as honorary societies, sororities, fraternities, professional organizations, and various special interest groups are vital components of the educational experience at Texas Woman’s University. Participation in student organizations is important to a student’s intellectual and professional development. A current listing of registered and recognized (both sanctioned and chartered) student organizations may be obtained from the Center for Student Development (CSD) on the Denton campus or their website. Current listings of student organizations on the Dallas and Houston campuses may be obtained through their respective Offices of Student Life or on their web pages. A full list of student organizations may be found at

Student Organizations: Policies and Qualifications

For more information about student organizations and the corresponding policies and qualifications, please refer to the following University Regulations and Procedures:

Student Events/Programs

Students who wish to have events or programs with an attendance of 100 persons or more, amplified sound, or the exchange of money must adhere to policies stated in the Special Events Policy on the Special Events Form. Conference Services has scheduling procedures for student organizations on their website. Students must also fill out a student organization event checklist.

In support of the mission of Texas Woman’s University, the Division of Student Life does not allow for the planning of co-curricular activities during the week prior to and the week of final exams. Creating or implementing meetings, programs, or activities during this time period may jeopardize students’ ability to perform to their highest academic potential.

Civic Engagement

TWU Civic Engagement (Volunteer Services) seeks to engage students in experiences that address human and community needs. They strive to promote student learning and development through their programmatic endeavors and commitment to a culture of active citizenship.

TWU students, faculty, and staff can participate in programs and events sponsored by the office including Volunteer Fairs, Lunch & Learn Brown Bag Workshop Series, Make a Difference Day, MLK, Jr. Day of Service, and The Big Event. Additionally, Volunteer Services sponsors weekend and week-long immersive service opportunities through the Alternative Breaks Program.

For members of the TWU community who are not sure how to get started in their service, Civic Engagement also does individual consultations to help refine your search. Students are also encouraged to join the Helping Hands Service Ambassadors, a student-led organization that provides twice-weekly service opportunities. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit the Volunteer Services website or contact the Coordinator of Civic Engagement at 940-898-3626.