Academic Standing

Good Standing

Undergraduate and degree-seeking post-baccalaureate students who meet or exceed the minimum academic standards specified for the number of attempted hours are considered to be in good academic standing at the University. The academic standing is determined by the cumulative grade point average at the close of the fall and spring semesters. The total number of semester credit hours attempted at Texas Woman’s University and all academic, college-level semester credit hours received in transfer from other institutions of higher education are used in calculating the cumulative grade point average (GPA). The minimum cumulative grade point average required for undergraduate students to remain in good academic standing is outlined below. Post-baccalaureate students must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA regardless of the number of completed credit hours.

Classification (based on total number of attempted semester credit hours eared at TWU and in transfer) Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average
0-29 semester credit hours 1.8
30 and above semester credit hours 2.0

Academic Probation

Students who fail to maintain academic good standing are placed on academic probation or suspension. Academic standing is determined based on cumulative GPA at the end of the fall, spring, and summer semesters as outlined in the table above. Students previously in good academic standing who fail to achieve the minimum cumulative GPA for their number of attempted hours will be placed on academic probation. Students placed on academic probation are eligible to enroll in the following semester and are required to meet with an advisor before registering. If the student then achieves the minimum cumulative GPA for their number of attempted hours, the student is returned to good academic standing. If the student does not attain the minimum cumulative GPA but does earn a semester GPA of at least 2.0 on six or more semester credit hours, the student remains on probation.

For summer, the six or more semester credit hours can be in any combination of the summer sessions. Students will not be placed on probation at the end of the summer term who were not previously on probation entering the term. However, summer work that raises the cumulative GPA above the minimum will return the student to good academic standing.

A student on probation may not apply for graduation.

Academic Suspension

Students on academic probation who fail to achieve the minimum cumulative GPA for their number of attempted hours or who are not eligible to continue on probation as described above are placed on academic suspension. Students will not be suspended at the end of a summer term who start the term on probation. If the summer work fails to improve the GPA to the minimum needed for good academic standing, the probation status will remain for the following fall term.

  • Students placed on academic suspension for the first time may not enroll at TWU for the next long term (fall or spring).
  • Students placed on academic suspension for the second time may not enroll at TWU for the next two long terms (fall/spring).

For the purposes of Academic Suspension, the following considerations apply: 

  • Summer is not considered a long term. 
  • Prior to enrollment after a suspension period, students must file an approved Suspension Recovery Plan with the Pioneer Center for Student Excellence.
  • Students who have not been enrolled at TWU for one year must reapply to the university. 
  • Students unable to meet the requirements outlined in the Suspension Recovery Plan may not enroll for a period of two years, after which they may reapply to the University.
  • Financial Aid eligibility is suspended for students on academic suspension.

Summer Suspension Recovery

Students placed on first or second suspension are encouraged to enroll in summer courses to bring their GPA to the 2.0 required for enrollment in the following fall semester. Eligibility to enroll in summer courses requires a cumulative GPA of 1.0 or higher. Contact the Pioneer Center for Student Excellence for more information. 

Undergraduate Student Reinstatement

Students are eligible to re-enroll at the conclusion of the required suspension period. Students returning will be placed on academic probation and are required to file a Suspension Recovery Plan with the Pioneer Center for Student Excellence, which may impose conditions regarding specific courses for enrollment, course load limits, tutoring requirements, etc.