Core Curriculum Transfer Policy

Texas Legislature requires that every institution of higher education adopt a core curriculum of no more than 42 semester credit hours (SCH), which is consistent with the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) and the statement, recommendations, and rules issued by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Core-Complete Transfer Students

TWU follows the state rule, which indicates that:

If a student successfully completes the 42 SCH core at an institution of higher education, that block of courses must be substituted for the receiving institution's core curriculum.  A student shall receive academic credit for each of the courses transferred and may not be required to take additional core curriculum at the receiving institution.  

Transfer transcripts from community colleges must include the notation “Core Complete” to ensure credit for core completion or a letter from the Registrar with the same message. Advisers may also document core completion through transcript analysis.

To assist students and advisers in determining course equivalencies between TWU and other Texas institutions, a list of equivalents for the Texas common course numbers (TCCNS Crosswalk) appears in this catalog. For lists of core curricula at other institutions, see the Texas General Education Core Webcenter.

Core-Incomplete Transfer Students

To assist transfer students who have not completed the core at another institution, TWU follows the state rules below to assure that students receive credit for all core courses they bring into the University. The state core regulation states that:

Students who transfer from one institution to another without completing the core curriculum shall receive academic credit within the core curriculum of the receiving institution for each of the courses that the student has successfully completed in the core curriculum of the sending institution. Following receipt of credit for these courses, the student may be required to satisfy the remaining course requirements in the core curriculum of the receiving institution.

As this rule indicates, students who have not completed the state core at another institution are required to complete the TWU core in the state areas that the student did not complete (communication, mathematics, life & physical science, creative arts, language, philosophy & culture; social & behavioral sciences, component area option).

Concurrently Enrolled Students

TWU follows state policy, which states that “A student concurrently enrolled at more than one institution of higher education shall follow the core curriculum requirements in effect for the institution at which the student is classified as a degree-seeking student.” Therefore, if a student is a degree-seeking student at TWU and takes core courses at other institutions, the student must be sure that courses taken elsewhere are accepted equivalencies for TWU core courses.