Fine Arts Field of Study Curriculum

Applies to all Bachelor of Arts programs in the following CIP codes: 50.0701 Art/Art Studies; 50.0702 Fine/Studio Arts; 50.0708 Painting; 50.0709 Sculpture.

First Year
Semester 1TCCNSCHs
ART 2423World Art History I ART 13033
ART 2433World Art History II ART 13043
ART 12032D Foundations ARTS 13113
ART 12133D Foundations ARTS 13123
ART 1303Drawing Foundations ARTS 13163
ART 2223Digital Art Foundations ARTS 23483
Two required ART major courses6
Introduction to Painting ARTS 2316 
Introduction to Sculpture ARTS 2326 
*Printmaking I (ARTS 2333)
*Art Metals I (ARTS 2341)
Introduction to Ceramics ARTS 2346 
Introduction to Photography ARTS 2356 
*Watercolor I (ARTS 2366)
 SCHs 24
 Total SCHs:  24

*Indirect equivalencies will satisfy Visual Arts departmental requirement(s).