Federation of North Texas Area Universities

Established in 1968 to promote inter-institutional collaboration, the Federation provides TWU degree-seeking graduate students access to the combined graduate course offerings of three major universities (Texas Woman’s University, the University of North Texas, and Texas A&M University-Commerce), allowing for a wider selection of courses, a more robust view of their field, and access to inter-institutional collaboration, facilities, and resources, and the convenience of seamless cross-registration with the assistance of Federation Representatives in each graduate school.

When taking courses through the Federation, TWU students earn TWU credit; the courses appear on their TWU transcript, and they pay TWU tuition.  Cross-registration through the Federation can also help in the following situations to keep students on track to graduate:

  • Course not offered at TWU or not offered the semester needed
  • The student is out of synch with the course rotation
  • The student needs an online course

Some program and course restrictions apply, and students must obtain academic advisor approval before enrolling in a course through the Federation.  For additional information, students should contact their academic advisors or visit the TWU Federation website.