Qualifications for Committee Membership

Ordinarily, a person selected to serve on a committee should hold a regular, full-time academic appointment at TWU and should be a member of the Graduate Faculty. A person selected to serve on a master’s committee must hold a master’s degree or higher, and one selected to serve on a doctoral committee is expected to hold a doctor’s degree.  The chair of a Dissertation Committee must possess Full with Dissertation Chair Endorsement status. The chair and committee members of a Thesis committee must possess Full Graduate Faculty status. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Dean of the Graduate School.

External Committee Members: A committee chair may request that someone from outside of the university serve on a student's research committee when her/his expertise and/or experience will enhance the quality of the student's research and study experience. The external committee member participates in research meetings but is not a voting member of the committee. The appointment is with great appreciation, but no remuneration is awarded for the service. A copy of the individual's vita/resume must be submitted with the request to the Dean of the Graduate School.


Official appointment of the committee is the responsibility of the Dean of the Graduate School.