Credit by Transfer

There is no automatic transfer of graduate credit, but the student’s advisory committee has the prerogative to recommend to the Dean of the Graduate School the acceptance of transferable semester credit hours.

Only graduate coursework completed at regionally accredited institutions may be considered for transfer. TWU does not accept life or work experience for graduate credit. A student may apply for consideration of transfer of semester credit hours after satisfactorily completing a minimum of nine semester credit hours of graduate credit at Texas Woman’s University and upon filing a Degree Plan or filing a Graduate Degree Plan Substitution form when there is an active Degree Audit. The rule governing the time limit for doctoral work also applies to transferable credits outside of a completed degree.

Only graduate courses in which a grade of B or better has been earned are acceptable for transfer. No credit toward a graduate degree may be obtained by correspondence, and no credit toward a graduate degree may be obtained by extension work from another institution.

At least fifty percent of the work counted toward a doctoral degree program must be composed of TWU courses.