Tuition for Doctoral Semester Credit Hours Exceeding Legislated Limit

Per Texas Educational Code Sec 54.012, TWU doctoral students are charged the out-of-state tuition rate for any doctoral work in excess of 99 semester credit hours. By state exception, TWU doctoral students in Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, Family Therapy, and Nursing Science are charged at the out-of-state tuition rate for any doctoral work in excess of 130 semester credit hours. Doctoral students should, therefore, work closely with their advisors to plan a course of study that will prevent them from inadvertently exceeding the limit. All semester credit hours on the student's transcript are included in the total count of doctoral semester credit hours, including those listed below:

CR - Credit for semester hours earned
I - Incomplete
LP - Lack of adequate progress*
NG - No grade points
NP - No progress*
PR -  In progress
REP - Repeated coursework
W - Withdrew
X -  No credit due to tuition deficiency

Doctoral students who are simultaneously enrolled in a master’s program should work with their advisors to avoid exceeding the 99/130 doctoral hour limit.  Master’s courses taken after a student becomes enrolled as a doctoral student are included in the 99/130 hours if they receive doctoral funding. 

* An LP or NP grade could have an impact on Financial Aid awards.