Master of Science in Education of the Deaf

Education of the Deaf Program Requirements for a Master’s Degree

  1. Successful completion of a minimum of 30 semester credit hours. Students without current Texas teacher certification will be required to complete additional coursework in order to obtain Texas teacher certification.
  2. Sign proficiency is necessary for successful completion of graduate level course experiences.
  3. Successful completion of a summative program assessment.
  4. Completion of a practicum experience.

Additional information can be found on the M.S. in Education of the Deaf website.

Education of the Deaf Program Retention Requirements

Students must earn a B or higher in all graduate courses on their degree plan to be retained in the graduate program. A student who receives a grade of C or lower in a graduate course must retake the course in order to successfully complete the master's program.  Any student who receives a second grade of C or lower will require the approval of their graduate committee to remain in the program. Students must always maintain professional and academic integrity and must abide by the university, college, and department codes of ethics/conduct and policies and procedures while in the program.

Initial Texas Teacher Certification

Students seeking initial Texas teaching certification concurrently with the Master’s in Education of the Deaf must apply and be accepted by the Department of Teacher Education and will also need to meet requirements according to the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC). (Note: TWU does not offer teacher certification or EDUC field experiences to students outside of Texas. While out-of-state students may pursue the master's degree in Education of the Deaf and complete the COMS practicum experience required for degree completion, such students must earn teacher certification within their home states.)

Master of Science in Education of the Deaf Program of Study (30-33 semester credit hours + any required certification hours)

COMS 5083Differentiating Communication Across Deaf Education Settings3
COMS 5093History, Policies and Trends in Deaf Education3
COMS 5103Educational Audiology and Listening Supports3
COMS 5133Families and Young Children in Deaf Education3
COMS 5143Classroom Assessment and Access to Print Literacy3
COMS 5193Instructional Processes and Facilitating Language in Deaf Education3
COMS 5303Differentiating Instruction Across Deaf Education Settings3
COMS 5663Strategies for Supporting Language Development3
COMS 5783Graduate Field Experience of the Deaf3
One of the following:3-6
Instructional Practicum in Deaf Education
Instructional Internship in Deaf Education
Professional Practicum
Total SCHs30-33

Initial Teacher Certification Requirements

EDUC 5113Foundations of Teaching and Learning3
EDUC 5123Learning Theory, Development, and Research3
EDUC 5133Assessment and Instructional Design and Delivery for Diverse Learners3
EDUC 5143Effective Design and Management of the Classroom Environment (EC-12)3
Total SCHs12

Total semester credit hours: 30 COMS SCH (+ 3 for Student Teaching + 12 EDUC if not teacher certified). Students must be accepted by the Department of Teacher Education if pursuing initial teacher certification.