Biology Certificate


Biological Research

Students who conduct original laboratory research with a faculty member may elect to earn a Certificate in Biological Research by completing the following requirements. BIOL 4983 must be taken sequentially over multiple semesters; course may not be taken twice in the same semester.

A student must be a biology or medical laboratory sciences major to enroll in the Certificate in Biological Research.  Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis by written request to the Division of Biology.

BIOL 4983Undergraduate Research3
BIOL 4983Undergraduate Research3
BIOL 4983Undergraduate Research3
BIOL 4293Scientific Communication3
Total SCHs12

Additional Requirements

Public oral presentation of the results of research, minimum of 15 minutes in length. The student must submit formal written verification of the oral presentation to the Division of Biology to earn credit for this requirement.  May be presented in any of the following venues: 

  • Regional or national research conference
  • TWU Student Creative Arts and Research Symposium
  • TWU Celebration of Science
  • Division of Biology Seminar Series