Business Administration & Management Field of Study Curriculum

Applies to all baccalaureate programs in the following CIP codes: 52.0201 Business Administration, Management and Operations; 52.0301 Accounting and Related Services; 52.0801 Finance and Financial Management Services; 52.1001 Human Resources Management; and 52.1401 Marketing. 

First Year
Semester 1TCCNSCHs
MATH 2203Business Analysis I MATH 13243
ECO 1023Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 23013
ECO 1013Principles of Microeconomics ECON 23023
*Business Computer Applications (BCIS 1305)3
ACCT 2043Fundamentals of Accounting I ACCT 23013
ACCT 2053Fundamentals of Accounting II ACCT 23023
*Business Principles (BUSI 1301)3
*Business Statistics (BUSI 2305) 3
 SCHs 24
 Total SCHs:  24

*Indirect equivalencies will satisfy Business departmental requirements.