Health Insurance

Graduate Assistants (GA) who meet the following criteria will be eligible for health insurance benefits:

  1. GAs who work at least 20 hours a week.
  2. GAs who have an appointment of 4-1/2 months or greater. 
  3. GAs who are not permitted to be members of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas solely because it is a condition of their employment that they are enrolled in graduate courses.

GAs who meet the criteria for eligibility for health insurance and wish to enroll in a health plan should contact the Human Resources Benefits Coordinator within 30 days of their employment start date in order to enroll in insurance coverage. Health Benefits for a new employee do not begin for 90 days.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

All employees of the University are automatically covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance. This insurance coverage is administered by the State Employees Workers' Compensation Division of the State Attorney General's Office. An employee is required to immediately report all on-the-job injuries to his/her immediate supervisor regardless of how minor it may appear so that the injury is a matter of record.