In-Service Training, Supervision, and Evaluation

A Graduate Teaching Assistant who is the teacher of record with the primary responsibility of teaching a course for credit should receive regular in-service training, should be under the direct supervision of a faculty member experienced in the teaching field, and should be regularly evaluated. For such a Graduate Teaching Assistant who has no academic training or experience in teaching, in-service training will include a required course in teaching techniques. In addition, this Graduate Teaching Assistant should observe when possible a section of the same course that is being taught by an experienced faculty member; decisions concerning times for and frequency of observations are to be made within the academic component. The evaluation process should include observation of the Graduate Teaching Assistant in her or his teaching activity, participation in a post-observation conference, participation in the university teacher evaluation program, and formal evaluation by and communication with the head of the component or supervising professor. The academic component in which the Graduate Teaching Assistant is employed will establish appropriate procedures to meet these requirements and will place on file in the Graduate School a description of the procedures.