Graduate Assistant Orientation

All Graduate Assistants (GAW, GAS, GRA, GTA, both new and returning) are required to complete a Graduate Assistant Training annually, usually just prior to or immediately after the start of the Fall semester. The training includes a review of policies, rights and responsibilities, and mandatory Title IX information. All GAs are responsible for completing the online Graduate Assistant Training.

All new GTAs are also required to complete a separate orientation provided by the Graduate School administered through Canvas. 

The Graduate School provides Orientation/Training for all newly hired Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA). Informational presentations are online by representatives of the Graduate School, Academic Support Services, Graduate Student Council, Disabilities Support Services, the Offices of Human Resources, Environmental Safety and Health, the Library, Information Services, the Distance Education Support Team, Student Life and by currently employed graduate assistants. GTA training sessions are designed to help make the teaching experience a good one.

The Graduate School will send an email to departments with information for Graduate Assistants to enroll in training sessions.