Dropping a Course

A student can drop a course online through Student Self-Service until the end of Late Registration for the term.  Once Late Registration is over and before the term's census date, a student must either submit a signed Add/Drop Form to the Registrar's Office or submit a drop request online utilizing the Online Drop Request.  After the census date, instructor approval is required before a course drop can be processed. The online request will automatically be routed to the instructor for approval before it will be processed.

Course drops by the final drop deadline will receive an automatic W grade, which is a non-punitive grade. Failure to submit a completed and signed drop form by the published deadline will cause the student to receive the final grade earned.

Refer to the academic calendar for drop deadlines.

Students wishing to drop all classes and withdraw from the University for the term must initiate a formal withdrawal through the online Withdraw Request.

There is an Add/Drop fee assessed for each drop processed after the term starts, excluding withdrawals.