Students Called to Active Duty

Texas Education Code 54.006(f) indicates, "Beginning with the summer semester of 1990, if a student withdraws from an institution of higher education because the student is called to active military service, the institution, at the student's option, shall: (1) refund the tuition and fees paid by the student for the semester in which the student withdraws; (2) grant a student, who is eligible under the institution's guidelines, an incomplete grade in all courses; or (3) as determined by the instructor, assign an appropriate final grade or credit to a student who has satisfactorily completed a substantial amount of course work and who has demonstrated sufficient mastery of the course material."

A student called to active duty has the following three options:

  1. withdrawal with a full refund of eligible tuition and fees;
  2. incomplete grades with a deadline for completion of one year after the end of the active duty assignment; and/or
  3. a final grade if the material was sufficiently mastered, as determined by the instructor.

Students should meet with their instructor to decide if an Incomplete or final grade is warranted.

Eligible students under this provision must produce a copy of his or her military orders, which are subject to verification by the VA Certifying Official in the Office of the Registrar.