Election of Graduate Work by Seniors of This University

A TWU undergraduate student who, at the beginning of the second semester of their senior year, lacks not more than twelve semester credit hours for a bachelor’s degree is permitted to register for courses which may be applied toward meeting the master’s degree requirements provided that the total registration does not exceed sixteen semester credit hours and proper application has been made to the major department and the Graduate School, including submission of the Proof of Eligibility form, before registering for such courses.

No work completed by an undergraduate student shall apply to a graduate degree, except for work completed by seniors as provided for in this section or students accepted to an accelerated program. No work which is regularly a part of an undergraduate program shall apply toward a graduate degree except for Texas Woman’s University seniors who have made special application at the time of registration for graduate credit for specific courses to be applied toward a graduate program approved by their major department and by the Dean of the Graduate School.