Election of Graduate Work by Students Who Are Not Seeking Degrees

Students who do not plan to work toward a graduate degree but who wish to enroll in occasional courses for such purposes as personal enrichment, professional development, and meeting special interests may, with the permission of the department, register as “non-degree students.’’ (An international student may be admitted to the University for non-degree courses but is only authorized to take them from her or his own country and not in the United States.) Admission to the Graduate School is not required; however, a completed application form, a $50 processing fee, and an official transcript showing the bachelor’s degree or highest degree held must be filed with the Office of Admissions Processing. International students must submit a $75 processing fee and a satisfactory English proficiency score (see International Students). Non-degree seeking students do not qualify for financial aid.

A maximum of 12 graduate semester credit hours earned by a “non-degree student’’ may subsequently apply toward a graduate degree only if the Dean of the Graduate School, upon recommendation of the student’s advisory committee, determines it is appropriate to the degree program.

All students who enroll in graduate courses, whether or not they are seeking degrees, are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA on all graduate-level courses taken at TWU. Students who fail to maintain this average will not be permitted to continue registering for graduate courses.