Types of Admission

A student may be admitted to the Graduate School for one of several types of study as indicated below. The acceptance letter sent by the Dean of the Graduate School will specify the type of admission granted. International students may be admitted only as degree-seeking. (An international student may be admitted as non-degree to the University, only if completing from her/his own country, and not in the United States.)

  1. Degree study: This status identifies students seeking either a master’s or doctoral degree. Students should apply for admission at the appropriate level. Admission to master’s study is valid only for the master’s degree; a separate application for doctoral study is required. Students are admitted to degree study in a particular academic discipline, and any change of field of study requires a new application for admission.
  2. Certification study: This status identifies students holding a bachelor’s or master's degree who seek certification rather than a graduate degree. A maximum of 12 graduate semester credit hours earned for certification will subsequently apply toward a graduate degree only if the Dean of the Graduate School, upon recommendation of the student’s advisory committee, determines it is appropriate to the degree program.

    Post-Master's Certificates are also available in some master's programs for students seeking specialization or advancement in the degree area. (See degree programs.)
  3. Postdoctoral study: This status identifies students holding doctoral degrees who do not wish to pursue another graduate degree but who wish for personal or professional purposes to take additional course work.

NOTE: Postbaccalaureate status qualifies students to take undergraduate-level courses only, and under no circumstances will postbaccalaureate work be counted as graduate work.