Graduate Study by Faculty and Staff of Texas Woman's University

Texas Woman’s University encourages the continual growth and development of faculty and staff. Full-time permanent staff employees may be granted time off from work to attend a TWU class during regular working hours provided that:

  • The time off does not exceed three (3) credit hours per week.
  • The employee's absence does not adversely affect the operation of the employing department.
  • The time off to attend classes is made up during the employee's work week.
  • The TWU class is offered at the campus where the employee is working.

Approval to attend class during regular work hours must be done in advance and in writing by the appropriate supervisor.

Employees cannot take courses at other universities during regular work hours.

However, no member of the faculty may be admitted to the Graduate School of the Texas Woman’s University for the purpose of pursuing a degree in the department or discipline in which he or she teaches.

Also see employee benefits: Tuition Assistance Program.