Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) - Human Resources Management Emphasis

Semester Credit Hours Required

36-45 Semester credit hours required.

  1. Students should complete BUS 5433, prior to enrolling in BUS 5243.
  2. Students must have successfully completed BUS 5133, BUS 5433, BUS 5243, BUS 5263, and BUS 5663 before attempting BUS 5893.
  3. Students should enroll in BUS 5893 in their last semester of the program.

BUS 5893 is the Capstone course for the program.  In this class, students will be required to integrate the knowledge and skills gained in all of the other required courses. 

Proficiency Courses (may be waived)0-9
Foundations in Business
Financial Accounting
Foundations of Financial Management
Required Courses for M.B.A. major
BUS 5133Marketing Management3
BUS 5243Managerial Finance3
BUS 5263Organizational Behavior in Business Administration3
BUS 5433Managerial Accounting3
BUS 5663Decision Analysis for Managers3
BUS 5893Business Strategy and Policy (Capstone, must be taken in FINAL semester.)3
BUS 5923Global Business3
BUS 5933Business Ethics and Legal Environment3
Total SCHs24-33
Required Courses for emphasis in Human Resources Management
BUS 5273Human Resource Administration3
BUS 5613Staffing3
BUS 5623Compensation and Benefits3
BUS 5633Principles of Talent Development3
Total SCHs12