Dual Degree: Master of Healthcare Administration and Master of Business Administration

Website: https://twu.edu/management-marketing/graduate-programs/dual-degree-mba-and-mha/

Our dual M.H.A./M.B.A. prepares students for leadership positions in the business of healthcare while at the same time providing the healthcare background so critical to understanding the nature of the industry. Our streamlined, accelerated program is designed for busy professionals who desire to progress to the next level in their careers. 

Nationally, healthcare is the largest industry in the US and is growing rapidly.  Over the next ten years in Texas, job growth in the healthcare industry is projected to grow by over 20%.  Employers are always seeking qualified, competent professionals to join their teams; and our programs can put you on their shortlist.  If you desire to be a leader in the business of healthcare, the dual M.H.A./M.B.A. is for you!

In addition to management positions in a wide range of healthcare organizations, our graduates also hold positions in the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance, management consulting, financial institutions, state and federal policy agencies, and more.

Marketable Skills

Defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's 60x30 Strategic Plan as, "Those skills valued by employers that can be applied in a variety of work settings, including interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skills areas. These skills can be either primary or complementary to a major and are acquired by students through education, including curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities."

  1. Critical Thinking, Analysis, and Problem-Solving: M.H.A. Specific Application - The appropriate use of information, data, and judgment to inform sound management decisions. General Employment Application - Analytical thinking, financial management, information seeking, performance measurement, and process management.
  2. ​Management and Leadership: M.H.A. Specific Application - A student’s ability to successfully pursue organizational goals that involve getting things done through and in collaboration with others. General Employment Application - Governance, change leadership, human resource management, initiative, IT management, organizational awareness, project management, and strategic orientation.
  3. ​Professionalism and Ethics: M.H.A. Specific Application - Upholding high professional and ethical standards. General Employment Application - Accountability, acting with integrity, achievement orientation, ethical decision-making, professionalism, life-long learning, and self-confidence.
  4. Critical Thinking: M.B.A. Specific Application - Solving problems by applying knowledge to cases and challenges in organizations. General Employment Application - Using feedback from employees, environment, benchmarking, and innovation to generate multiple solutions, creative ideas, and effective strategies and to understand the industry/general environment.
  5. ​Diversity: M.B.A. Specific Application - Grasp knowledge of theory and legal statutes pertaining to workplace discrimination and diversity. General Employment Application - Implement fair selection practices and equal employee treatment while leveraging the benefits of workplace diversity.
  6. ​Ethical Reasoning: M.B.A. Specific Application - Recognize and solve ethical dilemmas from assigned cases and grasp theory of ethics in the workplace. General Employment Application - Make ethical decisions and create or support an ethical organizational climate.
  7. ​Teamwork: M.B.A. Specific Application - Work with teams on projects and/or grasp concepts related to group dynamics. General Employment Application - Ability to work with teams in a workplace setting and effectively manage workgroups.  Vital components of successful teamwork include learning and applying methods for group creation, role formation, successful team communication, team management, and the ability to produce results.


All students must meet the University requirements as outlined in the Admission to the TWU Graduate School section of the catalog.

This academic program may have additional admission criteria that must also be completed as outlined on the program's website.

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

57-72 Semester credit hours (SCH).

Proficiency Courses (may be waived)0-15
Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting in Health Care Administration
Foundations in Business
Foundations of Financial Management
Foundations of Health Services
Research Methods for Managerial Decision Making
Required Courses for M.H.A.
HCA 5223Strategic Planning in Healthcare3
HCA 5343Human Resources Management in Health Care Administration3
HCA 5393Health Law and Ethics3
or BUS 5933 Business Ethics and Legal Environment
HCA 5473Health Information Management3
HCA 5483Population Health Management3
HCA 5493Performance Measurement and Quality in Health Care Administration3
HCA 5623Economics of Health Care3
HCA 5633Health Policy Analysis3
HCA 5883Professional Portfolio and Healthcare Career Competencies3
HCA 5933Capstone in Health Care Administration3
Required Courses for M.B.A.
ACCT 5433Managerial Accounting3
BUS 5923Global Business3
FIN 5243Managerial Finance3
MGT 5263Organizational Behavior in Business Administration3
MGT 5663Decision Analysis for Managers3
or HCA 5443 Operations Analysis in Healthcare Administration
MGT 5893Business Strategy and Policy3
MKT 5133Marketing Management3
Required Courses for emphasis in M.H.A./M.B.A
HCA 5263Advanced Financial Management for Health Care Administration3
HCA Elective (in consultation with advisor, Proficiency courses can not be used as an elective.)3
Total SCHs57-72